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SSpecializing in flat cutting machines, rotary cutting machines, planing machines, press machines and other equipment

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Yangzhou Fuda Sponge Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Guazhou Town, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou City, adjacent to the 

Yangtze River, with convenient transportation. So far, our company has a history of producing sponge machinery for over 20 years. 

Through continuous accumulation and progress, we have gradually developed new products to improve our competitiveness and 

adapt to the current market environment. Our company currently mainly produces various types of machinery, including polyurethane 

polishing sheet flat cutting machines, sponge machines (flat cutting machines, rotary cutting machines, punching machines, vertical 

cutting machines), cork machines (flat cutting machines, rotary cutting machines), rubber machines (flat cutting machines, rotary cutting

 machines, planing machines), press machines (single cylinder press machines, double cylinder press machines), and other supporting facilities,

 as well as flame laminating machines, adhesive laminating machines, and mixers. Especially in the production of cork machinery, rubber 

machinery, and polyurethane flat cutting machines, they have multiple invention patents and their performance is in a leading position in 

the domestic industry.

With the progress and development of the current market economy, in order to adapt to the current situation and enter the market competition 

with our peers, our factory will adhere to the principle of "survival with quality, development with reputation". Never engage in a price war with 

manufacturers who compete in the market based on price. Our company's products will enter the market with product quality and technological 

content, enter users, and develop together with the majority of users to create a better future.