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Sponge rotary cutting machine

Technical characteristics

1. External dimensions: 3600 × one thousand and eight hundred × 1800 (host)

2. Cutting blank size: 1000 ×Ф nine hundred

3. Cutting thickness: 0.5mm-6.0mm

4. Cutting speed: (0m 20m)/min

5. Total installed power: 5.5kw

6. Total weight: 1300kg

7. Blade specification: 7200 × fifty × 0.6 mm


This machine is mainly used for manufacturing various specifications of polyurethane sponge continuous sheets. Its working principle is to rotate a cylindrical sponge around its own axis and make a regular feed perpendicular to the axis direction, so that the sponge blank is cut into continuous sheets in a spiral shape along the surface of the cylinder under high-speed cutting with a knife parallel to the axis. When the sponge material undergoes constant velocity circular motion, changing the feed rate can obtain sponge sheets with different specifications and thicknesses.