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Cork rotary cutting machine

This product has already applied for a national patent and cannot be imitated 

without the permission of our company

Technical characteristics


1. External dimensions: 5300 × two thousand and fifty × 2250 (host) mm

2. Cutting blank size: 1250 ×Ф 1000mm

3. Cuttable thickness: 0.5mm-10.0mm

4. Cutting speed: (0-15m)/min

5. Total installed power: 20kw

6. Total weight: 5200kg

7. Specification with knife: 11300 × eighty-five × one point two zero


The cork rotary cutting machine independently developed and produced by our company is a mechanical equipment developed and produced by our company in recent years. It will fill the gap in the mechanical equipment for cork rotary slicing in China. Our company has applied for a national patent for the key structure of the equipment. During the design and development of this equipment, various components of the equipment were fully demonstrated, but our company still reserves the right and obligation to make improvements and adjustments to the problems that arise during the use of the equipment.