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Velvet cutting machine

Technical features

1. External dimensions:

2. Cutting range size: 2000mm -3200mm

3. Cuttable thickness: 3mm -180mm

4. Cutting speed: (0m 18m)/min

5. Total installed power: 13.5kw

6. Total weight:

7. Blade specification: 10600X80X1.2 mm


This machine is a high-speed fabric cutting machine with a knife, which can cut the woven flannel blank into two parts from the middle of the fabric using a high-speed running knife, thus obtaining the plush fabric you need. Suitable for the cutting of double-layer velvet fabrics made from natural fibers such as wool, silk, acrylic, polyester, and artificial fibers. It is an ideal equipment for producing artificial fur, blankets, short plush, and woven long plush, short plush, velvet and other products.